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Spite & Malice

It is hard to remember different games we are taught by friends. We like playing cards once in a while, but can’t seem to remember the rules. Spite and Malice is really very simple, once the rules are known.

Use 4 – 5 decks of cards. Shuffle them all really well together. This is called your stock.

Deal each player 13 cards that they DON’T look at. This is your pay-off pile. Set the 13 cards aside. Deal each player 5 cards. These will be the cards in your hand.

Now return the stock to the center of the table. The goal is to get rid of your pay-off pile before anyone else. In the center of the table, you may create up to 4 building stacks starting with Ace. Once each deck is finished with a King (Jokers are wild), remove from play. This creates an open building stack for someone else to start over. You can also discard into 4 stacks in front of yourself to reserve for play in the future.

Each turn the goal is to get rid of your pay-off pile or cards in your hand. If you get rid of all 5 cards by building a stack, you can take 5 off of the stock deck and continue your play. If you can’t go again, you must discard one card into your discard stack in front of you. You are not to replenish your hand up to 5 cards, until it is your turn to play again.

The game ends when you or one of the other players plays all 13 cards in their pay-off pile.

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