Come On Up To The House

Menu 1

It has been a little over a year since I began losing weight. I have always struggled and find it hard to stick to anything, until recently. After college, I joined weight watchers and had a lot of success. The plan worked as long as I didn’t eat anything extra. An apple even counted as extra. Obviously, this did not work out well for me. I felt starving all of the time but I made my goal. I was excited I had finally made it. Years have gone by now, without me paying much attention and with a lot of life changes.  I got married, built a house, had and quit two jobs, had two kids and 15 year later, I found myself in a similar pickle as before. I tried to eat better, walked, and complained a lot, which wasn’t working. I needed something more, that I could actually stick to. Since I knew Weight Watchers had worked once (and with some motivation from my friend/sister-in-law) I finally took the leap and started it up again. This time with a brand new plan, SmartPoints, I finally could eat what I really wanted (within reason) and stick with it. Oh, and bonus….I was NOT starving this time.

My Aunt asked me what I was doing to keep it up. I felt the easiest way to share my day, would be to blog about it. Here is an example of my day.

MENU – Day 1

  • Breakfast –
    • 2 egg omelette with half ounce creamy goat cheese and topped with alfalfa sprouts (5pts)
    • Coffee with 1 tbsp half and half (1pt)
    • 2 Clementine (0pts)
  • Snack –
    • 1 Carrot (0pts)
    • Weight Watcher Jalapeno String Cheese (1pt)
    • Sparkling Water (0pts)
  • Lunch –
    • 1 slice Boule (1.5 ounce piece) toasted with deli turkey (2 ounces), sprouts, pickled beans and mustard sandwich (3pts)
    • Veggie Straw Chips (.5 ounce) (2pts)
    • 1 1/2 cups 0pt Soup (0pts)
  • Snack –
  • Dinner –
    • Pork Verde with tomatoes and chopped onion (5pts)
    • 1oz (about a 1/4th) Avocado (2pts)
    • Lettuce (0pts)
    • 2 corn tortillas (3pts)  OR 1 serving Tortilla Chips (4pts) OR 1/2 cup basmati rice (4pts)
    • 12oz beer (5pts)
  • Dessert or Snacks (usually I choose one)

Day 1 – 28 points

I also drink hot tea and sparkling water a lot. This is free and you can have a much as you want.



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