Come On Up To The House

Our Beloved Nespresso Machine

I have a confession….I dream about coffee. I know, pretty strange huh? But seriously, I go to bed thinking about how nice it will be to drink a cup of coffee in the morning. Maybe I could even drink it on the deck with some relaxing music playing or listen to the birds chirping. I dream about not having to rush through my cup of coffee. How I will finish the whole cup while it is still hot without having to warm it back up.

It is usually a dream, because in reality my mornings are pretty busy. I have school aged children who needs to be dragged out of bed (only on school days for some reason) and dressed. Hurried through breakfast and sent out the door with a lunch in hand, teeth brushed, library books gathered and winter gear on. I know this doesn’t seem that busy, but it can get pretty crazy here just trying to get both of them ready and out the door. Fortunately, my husband doesn’t have to be rushed out the door quite as quickly and we enjoy eating breakfast together most mornings. Our daughter who is left home with us, may or may not be ready to eat breakfast. She also may or may not feel like playing, and may or may not need a cuddle. She also needs to get ready for 4K and dropped off every morning.

That being said, my dream of a peaceful cup of coffee usually gets trumped by other things and I find myself either downing it to get Isla to preschool on time, or it is cold. Usually cold. So, I usually think of caffeine again at 2:30pm. At this point I am not going to make a whole pot of coffee for just me. Instead, I get to have a nespresso.


If you have never had a nespresso before, you should definitely try one. They are wonderful.

We first tried this magic machine out at an apartment we airbnb’d (I know this isn’t a word, but it makes sense here). The woman we rented from had a nespresso machine, and after just one use, we knew we needed to get one. We even have convinced some of our other friends to get one of these awesome little machines as well. We should get referral coffee credit, right?

I am not trying to sell you this, just saying it is awesome.

Mmm, I think it is time to brew myself a cup. Have a great afternoon!!!

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