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Hazelnut Tartines

Cooking and eating are two things I find so interesting and fun. From different cheeses on a cheese tray to long prep items like risotto, it is all fasinating how you can take simple ingredients and create something new and unique out of them. I really love creating things that are delicious. The kids have really honed in on this fact, as their excuse at night not to go to sleep usually has “I am hungry” in it. The Tartines I first read about in book French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook, that I received as a gift from my husband. I read the first book and found it not only a good read, but a helpful one. To slow down, enjoy what you are making and then enjoy what you are tasting. What a concept! I try to do this as much as possible, but sometimes find myself in a rush to get someone milk or a toy or a napkin.

This dish is so simple and easy. It actually makes me enjoy it more because that. You may even feel fancy eating these Tartines for breakfast. I sure do.


Hazelnut Tartine

2 pieces of bread
2 – 3 tbsp cream cheese
1/3 cup hazelnuts
1 – 2 tsp favorite honey

Toast the bread. While the bread is toasting, put the hazelnuts onto a dry saute pan to toast. Watch them so they don’t burn – about 1 minute. Turn hazelnuts out onto a cutting board and chop up into small pieces. Spread cream cheese onto the 2 pieces of toast and then cover with hazelnuts. Drizzle honey over and enjoy. Mmm, so simple.

The honey we used was from a trip we took to Italy. We found a farmers market with our friends, and we each bought three. We meant to have a honey tasting, but ended up not getting to it. We still have this little gem leftover and are using it sparingly. What is your favorite honey?

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