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Winter Cabled Fingerless Gloves


These are some adorable fingerless gloves that I made for a friend of mine this summer. I love knitting with cable stitches, so searched for a pattern that would allow me to “play” with my new cable knitting skills while knitting something useful for my friend. The pattern was from and called Winterwonderland Mitts. These turned out to be adorable and my friend seemed to love them.


I changed this pattern quite a bit in order to create the fingerless gloves I wanted. I didn’t change the cable at all, just the length and I used different needles than specified in the pattern. I felt the yarn I chose needed smaller needles and I decided to make a larger rib (2 inches) in the beginning as well. I also didn’t decend for an arm shape because my yarn stretches well (sock yarn).


These turned out adorable and exactly how I wanted them to look.


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