Come On Up To The House

Tortilla Pizza

I have been trying to think of different things to feed the kids for lunch for what feels like ages. I try to keep lunch easier since I usually make larger dinners and I usually have more than just my children at lunch time. I recently came up with this lovely invention. Super easy, can be made with any dietary requirements necessary to you. These can also be microwaved if you are pressed for time, heated over the stove, in the oven or my favorite, in my George Forman grill. Yes, I still use it….a lot.

So grab those tortillas (any type will do). Find your favorite pizza toppings and enjoy this culinary master piece. Ready in minutes.


For this one pictures, I put the tortilla in the oven to toast it a little first. Then I topped it with sauce, green olives, pepperoni and mozzarella. Bake until cheese is melted and plate it. I cut it first before adding any spinach. It was great and made me thing I was actually eating pizza…just with a lot less calories!!!


This kids prefer to have these folded over in quesadilla form. So I call them quesadilla pizzas for them. In Isla’s, I do the regular sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni. Finnegan likes a twist of his favorite pizza: sauce, mozzarella and peas. You can easily leave out the sauce and have it as a dip instead. Be creative!

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