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Grilled Smashed Red Potatoes

It is finally grilling  season again! I have been offline a lot lately, but am going to try to keep up with the recipes we have been trying. I started doing Weight Watchers in February, and have found and created some awesome recipes that I will like to keep. Since I have been doing this for myself, I am going to add points to the bottom, more for my own reference than anything. That way when I am looking for my own recipes, it will remind me what they are worth. Any questions, please ask.

These potatoes were great! I had some leftovers this morning with an egg on the top. The kids ate them up as well, which is always a plus.

This recipe was originally on grillocracy, but I had to adapt it to my timing (which was less than an hour for potatoes) and grill (charcoal).


Grilled Smashed Red Potatoes

1 red potato per person

Drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
Kosher salt
Garnish, Fresh chopped parsley

Prepare your grill. For me, that means start the charcoal. Get out the number of potatoes you are going to make. I made 5, so we would have leftovers. Wash and dry them, and poke holes all around. Microwave on high for 10 minutes or until tender. Let them rest in the microwave until you are ready to smash them. On a piece of parchment or silpat, smash each potato with the bottom of a heavy pan until they are 1/2 inch thick. Drizzle a little oil or spray with cooking spray and sprinkle with salt. Place them on a grill pan (as pictured) or straight onto the grill and grill for 20 minutes until golden brown and crispy.

Pop them in a preheated oven to keep them warm before you serve.

Plate and top with torn parsley then serve.

Smart points = 2 points for a 1/2 cup serving.

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