Come On Up To The House

Airy Knit Cowl

I love making presents for friends and family. I usually have really good intentions and attempt to make more than humanly possible. But once in a while, I will get my knit projects done in time. I made a cowl for my sister-in-law with this an easy stitch and a lightweight yarn. My intention was for it to be worn in the summer, but after I was finished it was a little heavier. She was excited to be able to wear it to work where she is cold all of the time.

I started it out thinking I would leave it long like a scarf, but then decided to connect the ends into a cowl shape.


Here is the scarf pattern I based this cowl off of called The Open Air Wrap. I cut down the size of the scarf by half since I wasn’t using the silk that was recommended. Turned out really well and was really easy to knit. Only thing that seemed difficult was if you dropped a stitch, you would have to back track and it is hard to figure out how to pick it back up.

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