Come On Up To The House

Menu 2

I had planned on making more menus of my day in food to remind myself of what eating within my points is like. I have a relative that has asked me several times to create a menu for them and I have made only one. Here is another menu from my day yesterday.

Menu 2

Breakfast – 1 egg, 1 camp biscuit, cherries, coffee with cream (6 points)

Lunch – Multigrain slim sandwich bread with 2 oz smoked turkey, lettuce and tomato along with a small fruit smoothie (4 points)

Snack – Homemade breadstick, light string cheese, apple and espresso (2 points)

Dinner – Vegetable Fried Rice (1 1/2 cups), Chicken Dumplings (5 pieces) and crispy kale. (6 points)

Snack – Red wine, 1 vanilla meringue cookie from Trader Joe’s and two coconut almonds (7 points)

Total points eaten 26. There were 4 more points left for the day but I decided not to consume them. I am trying to make up for a lot of fun (but bad eating) days that happened this summer.

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