Come On Up To The House

Little Hippo

Recently our good friends announced they were expecting their second baby in March. Since they didn’t find out what they were having, I decided to stay with neutral colors for this toy. Turns out, they had a girl…Nadia. She is adorable and her older sister loves her. Hopefully, she loves the knit hippo when she gets old enough to play with it.

I have been giving knit toys as baby gifts in the past couple of years. It seems to me that people get a lot of baby blankets as gifts. I do love making blankets, but since that is such a popular gift, I started to make toys to give something very different. So Paul, being such a supportive husband, bought me Susan B. Anderson toy knitting book and I have made many of the toys for family and friends. Bunnies, pigs, bears, dolls, hippos, a giraffe and even a reversable toy. I love knitting and having someone in mind when I am making something is pretty special.


Paul gave me personalized tags that I sew on the bottom of each of my toys. My kids usually love up the toys just a little…so most of my gifts have been preloved.

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