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Knit Cowl and Fingerless Gloves

After my family and cooking, my favorite hobby has to be knitting. I started knitting about 5 years ago. I really wanted to make our Christmas stockings after Finnegan was born, with our names knitted into the cuff. I was taught how to knit as a young child from my Grandma Grace, and then in college I learned how to crochet. I spent hours crocheting, usually at the front desk. My friends probably all remember me sitting there, crocheting into the night, working at the front desk and greeting them all as they got back from their nights out. I crocheted blankets…really, big blankets. I crocheted these large blankets until Finnegan was born. But I was getting a little tired of crocheting the blankets because I didn’t know anything other than a double crochet stitch and I was running out of people to gift the blankets to. Plus, lugging around a huge project when I wanted to work on it was getting a little much. So, I started to look to knitting. I had totally forgotten how to knit, and only had my grandma’s old knitting needles to start with. So I turned to youtube, and retaught myself. Thus starting my knitting journey.

It came back to my quicker than I thought it would. I drew out a pattern for a stocking that I wanted to make, with multiple colors and designs, found a stocking pattern on a basic stocking and made one. I did have to pull the first stocking apart about 3 times, but I finally caught on and finished it.


This is one of my newer projects, a gift for my sister-in-laws birthday. I started out making a cowl and realized I had enough yarn to also make fingerless gloves. I gave them to her a little earlier than her birthday, because I was worried she wouldn’t have enough winter left to wear them. Turns out I was wrong since we got 7 inches of snow soon after.



I will try to get a picture of her wearing these and post them soon.

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