Come On Up To The House

Come on Up to the House

We have decided to embark on a new adventure. I have realized that I have found many hours of entertainment reading other peoples opinions, ideas and recipes on many different blogs. I mentioned to Paul that we should share some of our recipes and projects with others.

Coming up with the name to a blog is harder than I thought. We thought about what things we liked to do as a family from projects to outings. Our hobbies anywhere from knitting to brewing beer to building or painting things. Then Paul mentioned a song title that encompases everything. The name “Come On Up to the House” comes from a Tom Waits song, sang in Tom’s raspy voice. Paul loves the song and I love the name. We want to use this little project to not only share our love for food, but also for the many projects that interest us (and our kids) and anything else that we deem blogable.

Come on up to our house and enjoy!

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