Come On Up To The House

Weight Loss Journey

On this day last year, February 5th, 2016, I found myself very frustrated. I loved my life and my family, but wasn’t happy with myself, how I looked and how I felt. My weight had gotten out of control and I felt I knew how to fix it, but didn’t know if I had the energy to do it. I didn’t like to look at myself in the mirror, in photos and was embarrassed to be seen by anyone. I would tell myself that I was fine, I could get this back in control without help.  I have a wonderful loving husband, who says and keeps saying it doesn’t matter to him what my weight is. But to me, it mattered. It mattered a lot.

I was expressing my frustration to my sister-in-law, who came over for coffee that morning and I was saying how bad I felt. She said that she would like to lose a little and suggested we start Weight Watchers together. At that moment. So, she paid for it on her phone and I signed up standing at the kitchen island right in front of her.  It was just what I needed to get me motivated. Once I started and was three months in, she quit because she got to her goal and but I kept going. In July, I quit the WW app and bought iTrackBites for my phone. It is the same as the WW app, but without the monthly bill.  I have lost over 40 pounds, feel much better about myself and still use the iTrackBites everyday. I am not one that needs the meetings or social media from the app, but like the journaling abilities to keep me on track.

I have points for all of my recipes now and still cook everyday. I just have to keep in mind the amount of fat and sugar I add. This is something I will need to stick to forever, but don’t feel as frustrated or daunted by the task. It now feels like a norm, and I now know, I can do it.

A year has passed.

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